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Statistical Testing Tool

Comparing American Community Survey (ACS) estimates involves more than determining which statistic is higher or lower. Users should also conduct statistical testing to make sure differences are statistically significant and are unlikely to have occurred by chance. This testing takes into account the margin of error (MOE) associated with survey estimates, which are based on responses from a sample of the full population.

Looking for an easy way to conduct statistical testing? Try the Census Bureau's Statistical Testing Tool. Simply copy or download ACS estimates and their MOEs into the spreadsheet to get instant results of statistical tests.

Tool Features:
  • Compares up to 3,230 pairs of estimates at once
  • Compares multiple estimates simultaneously (up to 150 estimates)
  • Displays statistical testing results (“Yes”, “No”) automatically
  • Handles special formatting and characters, such as the ‘±‘ in front of the MOE, without additional editing by the data user
  • Uses the Census Bureau’s standard 90% confidence level, but can also process statistical testing at 95% or 99% confidence levels
  • May be used to conduct statistical testing for other Census Bureau surveys

Additional Resources

Video-Using the U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Testing Tool

Tutorial-Using the U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Testing Tool

Page Last Revised - December 8, 2022
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