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Now Available: 2020 Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) Results for the 50 states and District of Columbia.

2020 Census Program Management Review — February 1, 2019

Welcome and High-Level Program Updates

Albert E. Fontenot, Jr., Associate Director, Decennial Census Programs

Introduction of Dr. Steven Dillingham, Director, U.S. Census Bureau

James B. Treat, Assistant Director, Decennial Census Programs, Operations and Schedule Management

2020 Census Operational Plan

Deborah Stempowski, Chief, Decennial Census Management Division
Michael Ratcliffe, Geography Division
Jennifer W. Reichert, Decennial Census Management Division

2019 Census Test

Victoria A. Velkoff, Ph.D., Associate Director, Demographic Programs

2020 CBAMS Survey and Focus Groups Report Findings

Monica Vines, Communications Directorate
Gina K. Walejko, Ph.D., Decennial Statistical Studies Division

Update on the Status of the Communications Campaign

Maria Olmedo-Malagon, Decennial Communications Coordination Office

2020 Census Systems Readiness Update

Atri Kalluri, Chief, Decennial Information Technology Division


Michael T. Thieme, Assistant Director, Decennial Census Programs, Systems and Contracts

File of all Materials

Download all materials for the 2020 Census Program Briefing for February 1, 2019 in this single file.


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