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Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

The U.S. Census Bureau provides both short- and long-term technical assistance on a wide variety of topics related to censuses, surveys, and information systems. Over the past six decades, the Census Bureau has worked in over 100 countries. As such, it has unique global experience. More than 10,000 individuals from developing countries have participated in these training programs.

International Training Program

The Census Bureau offers customized courses and workshops on a wide variety of topics. The training program emphasizes the practical skills necessary to improve the statistical capacity of individuals and institutions. The Census Bureau leverages the broad expertise of the agency to train national statistical organizations throughout the world. The Census Bureau’s program reflects over six decades of training experience, as well as current and emerging “best practices” on how to acquire, maintain, and apply new knowledge and skills.

The Census Bureau also offers study tours for officials of statistical or planning agencies, data processing centers, and similar organizations. These short-term programs are especially well suited for senior staff whose needs would not be met by regular Census Bureau training programs, as well as those who cannot afford to be away from their offices for an extended period for various reasons.

Capacity Building through Technical Assistance

The Census Bureau provides technical assistance to countries for census and survey activities. Technical assistance activities are based on an assessment of existing competencies and identification of the specific needs of a national statistical organization. In-country technical assistance programs range from short, one-time training activities to multi-year projects with multiple visits. Census Bureau staff partner with government officials, subject matter specialists, data clerks, and others in national statistical offices to provide one-on-one training and technical support, as well as workshops for larger groups.


Assistance to any country generally begins with a request from a statistical office to a donor agency for assistance with particular statistical needs. Typically, this involves a three-way partnership among the donor agency, the national statistical organization, and the U.S. Census Bureau in setting objectives, designing a strategy and work plan for capacity building, and monitoring progress toward objectives.


Page Last Revised - July 13, 2023
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