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NES Tables

This series includes the number of businesses (with no paid employees) and total receipts.

NES data tables are available in from 2012 to the current reference year and in print publication from 1997-2004. Due to American FactFinder being retired in March 2020, data tables are not available from 2005-2011; however data from 1997 to the current reference year can be downloaded NES Datasets page.

Data User Notice for 2018 NES (June 8, 2020):  The Census Bureau improved the methodology used to assign industry classification codes to sole proprietorships tabulated in the 2018 NES.  This change resulted in a large number of sole proprietorships being reclassified from NAICS Sector 81 (Other Services, except Public Administration) to other NAICS sectors for 2018.  Data users should use caution when making comparisons between 2018 and other reference years.  For more information about this improvement and its effects on the 2018 NES data, see the historical comparability section on the methodology page.


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