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Restricted-Use Data

The Census Bureau maintains and enhances confidential microdata for use in social science research. These data are from Census Bureau censuses and surveys of business and households, linked employer-employee data, and administrative records from federal and state agencies. A wide variety of these data are available to qualified researchers with approved projects at secure Federal Research Data Centers (FSRDCs).

Federal, state, local, and tribal government agencies, researchers, and other individuals, as appropriate, may apply for access to confidential microdata via the Standard Application Process (SAP) Portal at www.ResearchDataGov.org. The SAP Portal is a web-based data catalog and common application that will serve as a “front door” to apply for confidential data from any of the 16 principal federal statistical agencies and units for evidence building purposes. To learn more about the SAP, please visit the Standard Application Process Overview webpage. Information about applying for access to restricted-use microdata in the FSRDCs using the SAP portal is available on the Census Bureau’s standard application process website.

Assistance from an FSRDC administrator will greatly reduce the need for future revisions to your application. If you are unsure which FSRDC to contact or have a general question, please reach out to the Census Bureau at ced.fsrdc.info@census.gov.

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Page Last Revised - July 19, 2023
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