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Census Longitudinal Infrastructure Pilot Projects

The Census Longitudinal Infrastructure Project (CLIP) started with pilot projects to demonstrate uses of the Data Linkage Infrastructure. All pilot projects have at least one Census Bureau participant and at least one participant from an academic institution. The projects are taking place within the Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDCs). Following the success of many of these pilot projects, researchers can now request access to the linked data for research through the Census Bureau's FSRDC proposal process.

Intergenerational Mobility Across Three Generations

Aim: To understand the transmission of wealth, income, education, and social status from one generation to the next over two centuries.

Working Paper: Do Grandparents and Great-Grandparents Matter? Multigenerational Mobility in the US, 1910-2013

Second Generation Outcomes in the Great Migration

Aim: To understand the long-term impacts of the 20th Century Great Migration on the lives of migrants and their children.

Publications: Second-Generation Outcomes of the Great Migration

Great Migration's great return? An examination of second-generational return migration to the South

Neighborhood Attainment Outcomes for Children of the Great Migration

Migration Patterns of New Orleans Population After Hurricane Katrina

Aim: To investigate the long-term impact of Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005) on New Orleans residents.

Social Mobility in the United States

Aim: To provide new evidence on contemporary social mobility and long-term trends in social mobility.

Immigrant Intergenerational Incorporation, 1940-2000

Aim: To investigate immigrant socioeconomic incorporation for groups including Mexican origin, European origin and Asian origin immigrants.

Working Paper: Using Linked Data to Investigate True Intergenerational Change: Three Generations Over Seven Decades

Gentrification and Neighborhood Change in the United States

Aim: To examine gentrification across the U.S. and understand the effects of gentrification on original neighborhood residents.

Working Paper: The Effects of Gentrification on the Well-Being and Opportunity of Original Resident Adults and Children

Census Tract Population Change in the United States

Aim: To use linked decennial censuses to evaluate new methods for generating small-area statistics when boundaries change over time.

Assessing the Impact of Universal Pre-School Care on Later-Life Outcomes

Aim: To assess the long-term consequences of exposure to universal preschool programs financed by the federal government from 1943 - 1946.

Long-run Effects of the 1930s HOLC "Redlining" Maps

Aim: To examine the effects of the 1930s HOLC "redlining" maps on long-run socioeconomic status.

The Heterogeneous Effects of Education on Health and Productivity

Aim: To understand the plausible causal pathways that explain the widely accepted positive association between education and health.

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