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American Community Survey

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Data Tables & Tools

Data Profiles Selector

Data Profiles consist of four tables (Social, Economic, Housing, Demographic) to give a broad statistical view of a particular geography. We provide an easy to use Data Profiles geography selector for the most popular geographies: state, county and place. Our full data website,, provides additional geographies for this table type and many more.

Narrative Profiles

The only place to find the current Narrative Profiles is right here on American Community Survey website. Narrative Profiles contain much of the same information found in the Data Profiles, except it is a text-based report with plenty of colorful graphs and charts. Use the map selector or the dropdown boxes to generate a Narrative Profile for your favorite place.

Geographic Comparison Tables

Those interested in geographic comparisons for areas other than states may be interested in the Geographic Comparison Tables, which allow comparison of ACS data across a variety of geographic areas (e.g. all counties in a state). The tables readily compare geographic areas on a selected topic and are available for most of the subjects in the ACS. Visit our Geographic Comparison Tables page and select a table in order to download the file from our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.

Subject Tables

More interested in a particular topic than a particular geography? Check out our listing of ACS Subject Tables. Subject Tables have both numbers and percentages making them the versatile choice for data seekers. You can search/filter the listing, and then link to where you can change geographies and go back in time! Choose your Subject Table here!

Ranking Tables

Ranking Tables provide state-level rankings on more than 80 key ACS variables. The tables readily display state rankings on the topic(s) of your choice and include statistics on popular topics, such as finances, jobs, housing, age, and education. Browse the list of tables from our Ranking Tables page and select the table you are most interested in, which will download the file from our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.

Supplemental Tables

Looking for statistics about people and households located in geographies with mid-sized populations? Check out our new Supplemental Tables! These simplified tables provide the most recent ACS statistics at a lower population threshold than the standard 1-year Detailed Tables. In fact, they are the only source of 1-year data for geographies with populations of 20,000 to 64,999. Use the geography selector to get links to the tables on is the primary platform for accessing data and digital content from the U.S. Census Bureau. Data users of all skill levels use to search billions of ACS and other Census Bureau statistics in a customer-driven experience. The site allows you to drill down to some of the most detailed topics/geographies, download data files, and create customized maps.

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