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Visualizations of the historical tables are located in the "related information" section on the right side of this page. Please click on the icon titled "CPS Historical Geographic Mobility/Migration Graphs".

Table A-1. Annual Geographic Mobility Rates, By Type of Movement: 1948-2019

Table A-2. Annual Inmigration, Outmigration, Net Migration, and Movers from Abroad for Regions: 1981-2019

Table A-3. Inmigration, Outmigration, and Net Migration by Metropolitan Status: 1986-2019

Table A-4. Geographic Mobility by Tenure: 1988-2019

Table A-5. Reason for Move (Specific Categories): 1999-2019

Table A-6. Distance of Intercounty Move: 2003-2019

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Note: As of August 2019, these historical tables include corrections to errors. Please replace any previously downloaded historical tables.

2019 DRB Delegated Authority Approval Number: CBDRB-FY19-POP001-0075

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User Notes for CPS-ASEC Migration/Geographic Mobility data are accessible here:

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