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CPS Historical Migration/Geographic Mobility Tables

Visualizations of the historical tables are located in the "related information" section on the right side of this page. Please click on the icon titled "CPS Historical Geographic Mobility/Migration Graphs".

Table A-1. Annual Geographic Mobility Rates, By Type of Movement: 1948-2020

Table A-2. Annual Inmigration, Outmigration, Net Migration, and Movers from Abroad for Regions: 1981-2020

Table A-3. Inmigration, Outmigration, and Net Migration by Metropolitan Status: 1986-2020

Table A-4. Geographic Mobility by Tenure: 1988-2020

Table A-5. Reason for Move (Specific Categories): 1999-2020

Table A-6. Distance of Intercounty Move: 2003-2020

The U.S. Census Bureau reviewed this data product for unauthorized disclosure of confidential information and approved the disclosure avoidance practices applied to this release. CBDRB-FY21-012.

Note for 2020 tables: Data collection for the CPS ASEC largely occurred during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-related changes to survey operations and related nonresponse may have influenced CPS ASEC estimates in 2020.


Note: As of September 2021, these historical tables include corrections to errors. Please replace any previously downloaded historical tables.

2019 DRB Delegated Authority Approval Number: CBDRB-FY19-POP001-0075

User Notes for CPS-ASEC Migration/Geographic Mobility data are accessible here:


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