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Report Number ACSBR/11-22
Jason-Harold Lee and Julia B. Beckhusen
Component ID: #ti387339052


In 2011, about 21.5 million (9.1 percent) civilians 18 years and older in the United States were veterans of past and current conflicts or have served during periods of peace. The American Community Survey (ACS) collects data on veterans in order to help government agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, to establish programs for job counseling, training, and placement of veterans. The Department of Labor uses these data to set standards to determine if government contractors fulfill contractual obligations prohibiting employment discrimination. State and local governments, in addition to private organizations, use these data to provide valuable veteran services, such as medical services and nursing home care. This brief highlights civilian veterans 18 years and older who currently reside in the United States, focusing on racial, ethnic, and regional diversity.

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