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More Than 30% of Homes Heated With Wood In Some Counties

Jennifer Ortman and David Raglin

Baby, it’s cold outside! While the majority of U.S. households are heated by electricity (38.7 percent) or utility gas (48.1 percent), 1.9 percent rely on wood for heat.

See below for a list of counties with populations of 65,000 or greater that rank among the highest using wood for home heating.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2016 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates, Table DP04. The margin of error is based on a 90 percent confidence level.

State Percent heated by wood Margin of Error
Apache County, Arizona 60.6 3.8
McKinley County, New Mexico 38.8 3.7
Navajo County, Arizona 35.5 2.4
Mendocino County, California 24.8 4.1
Grays Harbor County, Washington 19.9 4.6
Humboldt County, California 19.3 2.4
Josephine County, Oregon 18.6 3.5
Klamath County, Oregon 18.3 3.6
St. Lawrence County, New York 17.5 2.5
Nevada County, California 16.6 3.0

The listed states may not be statistically different from each other and there are nine counties whose percentage of homes heated primarily by wood is not statistically different from counties on this list (Coconino, Arizona; Aroostook, Maine; El Dorado, California; Shasta, California; San Juan, New Mexico; Franklin, Massachusetts; Lewis, Washington; Douglas, Oregon; and Cheshire, New Hampshire).

Jennifer M Ortman is Assistant Division Chief for Survey Methods and Measures at the Census Bureau's American Community Survey Office.

David Raglin is a Survey Statistician in the American Community Survey Office.


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