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Upcoming 2020 Census Data Products

September 29, 2021
By Cynthia Davis Hollingsworth, Program Manager for 2020 Census Data Products and Dissemination, Decennial Census Management Division; Jason Devine, Assistant Division Chief for Census Programs, Population Division

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We’ve now released the apportionment counts and redistricting data — the first two waves of 2020 Census results. But we’re just getting started.

Some data users, eager for more information, have asked why it’s taking so long to produce the data and share our schedule.

The answer is — we’re trying to ensure that we take the time to produce the high-quality statistics the public expects of us. The pandemic delayed our operations, and we’re in the midst of implementing new confidentiality protections, which we'll discuss more below.

As we update and finalize our plans, we will continue to keep the public informed through the About 2020 Census Data Products page.

Upcoming data products will include the first results on topics not covered in the apportionment or redistricting data such as sex, relationship and household type. We will also provide more details on age, race and vacancy status that were not part of the redistricting release.

By crossing many of these variables in the data tables, we’ll see even more nuanced dimensions of our communities. We’ll be able to look at combinations such as:

  • Populations by age, sex and race.
  • Households by household type, size and race.

In this blog, we talk about our current plans for the data products and how you can provide feedback.

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