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Modernizing How We Get You the Data:

Fri Jul 24 2020
Written by: Ron Jarmin, Deputy Director
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As we advance into the 21st century, we are experiencing increased demand for our data while also facing added challenges and costs to our traditional data collection methods. As I've written before, the U.S. Census Bureau is exploring rich new data sources and tools that will revolutionize how we produce timely and granular data on our nation's people, places, and economy. A critical aspect of this modernization is improving how we disseminate our data to both power users and the public. In this regard, we recently transitioned to our user-centered dissemination platform is part of a long line of innovations in delivering data to the public over the decades. This new platform brings new functionality to both veteran and novice data users who will be able to search for their data needs in one location. 


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