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The 2020 Census is Happening Now. Respond Today.

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These American Community Survey (ACS) and Puerto Rico Community Survey (PRCS) forms are only samples.

Use a pen with blue or black ink, or a #2 pencil, to complete the ACS or PRCS form you got in the mail. If you have misplaced the ACS or PRCS form that you received in the mail, please call 1-800-354-7271.

Want to know about the differences between the American Community Survey and the 2020 Census? Read all about The Importance of the ACS and the 2020 Census, including comparing current sample questionnaires from both.

Are you looking for a sample Census 2020 form? Visit our official 2020 Census website to: see an interactive version that shows each of the census questions asked in 2020, find out who to count and what are the three ways to answer the census, and read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the 2020 Census.


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Thank you for your time and effort. It makes a difference!

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