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Demographic Analysis (DA)

Demographic Analysis (DA) is a method used to evaluate the quality of the census. We use current and historical vital records, data on international migration, and Medicare records to produce national estimates of the population on April 1 by age, sex, the DA race categories, and Hispanic origin. The DA population estimates are independent of the decennial census. The results are used to produce estimates of net coverage error, which are calculated as the percent difference between the census counts and the DA population estimates.

Traditionally, the DA estimates have been produced by sex and single year of age for the race categories Black and non-Black. Starting in 2010, the DA program produces estimates by Hispanic origin (Hispanic/Non-Hispanic) for a limited number of ages. New data sources, changes in the racial and ethnic make-up of the nation, and evolving patterns of international migration present both challenges and opportunities for DA.

2010 Demographic Analysis
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2010 Demographic Analysis

On December 6, 2010, the DA estimates for April 1, 2010 were released at a news conference and technical meeting. A revised set of 2010 Demographic Analysis (DA) middle series estimates were released in May 2012. These estimates included more recent data and improvements from ongoing research. Specifically, they were produced from revised estimates of births, deaths, net international migration, and the Armed Forces overseas population. In addition, the revised middle series of estimates used the components of population change (births, deaths, and net international migration) to estimate the population aged 65 to 74 years instead of the Medicare enrollment data used in the original series. Finally, the revised middle series included estimates for the Black alone or in combination population aged 0 to 29 years.

The revised 2010 DA middle series estimate of the total resident population is 308,345,764, which may be compared to the previously released DA middle series estimate of 308,475,178.

Page Last Revised - March 8, 2022
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