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America Counts: Public Sector Stories

America Counts Story
Who Manages Vital Natural Resources in Our Daily Lives?
Special district governments often manage the natural resources we rely on, from running water to electricity.
America Counts Story
Now That the Pandemic Emergency Has Ended, What’s Next?
U.S. Census Bureau tools created or modified in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have shifted focus now that the national emergency has ended.
America Counts Story
Examining Equity in COVID-19 Stimulus Payments
New research by the Census Bureau, Treasury, and IRS examines variation in receipt of payments across race and ethnic groups.
America Counts Story
High Registration and Early Voting in 2022 Midterm Elections
The 2022 midterms featured the highest registration rates of the previous six congressional elections and high rates of early voting and mail-in ballot.
America Counts Story
New Census Bureau District Profiles of 118th Congress
Welcoming the new congress with special social, economic, housing and demographic profiles of each congressional district.
America Counts Story
Using Census Data to Inform Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery
The U.S. Census Bureau provides vital tools and data to assist in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.
America Counts Story
Trabajadores jóvenes y mayores impulsaron empleos después de María
Primeros Indicadores trimestrales de la fuerza laboral de Puerto Rico publicados hoy proporcionan un perfil demográfico del empleo después del huracán María.
America Counts Story
Youngest and Oldest Workers Drove Job Recovery After Hurricane Maria
The first Quarterly Workforce Indicators for Puerto Rico released today provide a demographic profile of employment after Hurricane Maria.
America Counts Story
How Did CARES Act Funding Impact State Revenues, Spending?
The 2020 Annual Survey of State Government Finances captures only three months of the CARES Act funding to state governments but it already shows major impacts.
America Counts Story
Exploring Census Data Made Easy
The new Census Survey Explorer provides a quick and comprehensive list of surveys by topic, geography and frequency.
America Counts Story
Census Data Tool Helps FEMA Better Understand Disaster Vulnerability
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Community Resilience Estimates (CRE) tool helps FEMA better understand “at-risk” populations during a natural disaster.
America Counts Story
Dim Job Outlook for People Released From Prison During Great Recession
People convicted of a felony or released from prison are less likely to find work than adults without high school degrees or similar criminal histories.
America Counts Story
Novice Data Users: Help Is on the Way
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Census Academy launches the 2022 Back to Data Basics Webinar Series this week to help less experienced data users navigate census data.
America Counts Story
Measuring Community Resilience Equitably
The Census Bureau’s Community Resilience Estimates program releases dataset and tool that help decision makers understand their communities’ vulnerabilities.
America Counts Story
Measuring Communities’ Resilience in the Face of Adversity
The Census Bureau’s Community Resilience Estimates moves from the experimental phase to a regularly published data product that will be continually updated.
America Counts Story
We bring you data visualizations with new 2020 Census data for your state and county on: population, race and ethnicity, diversity, age and housing.
America Counts Story
2020 U.S. Population More Racially, Ethnically Diverse Than in 2010
2020 Census results released today allow us to measure the nation’s racial and ethnic diversity and how it varies at different geographic levels.
America Counts Story
8.2 Million People Counted at U.S. Group Quarters in the 2020 Census
The 2020 Census data released today provide counts of the group quarters population down to the block level for the first time in a decade.
America Counts Story
Adult Population Grew Faster Than Total Population From 2010 to 2020
The first detailed results of the 2020 Census released today show a nationwide shift in the age makeup of the U.S. population from 2010 to 2020.
America Counts Story
Growth in Housing Units Slowed in the Last Decade
The 2020 Census results released today provide a count of vacant and occupied housing units across the nation.
America Counts Story
Improved Race, Ethnicity Measures Show U.S. is More Multiracial
Today’s release of 2020 Census data provides a new snapshot of the racial and ethnic composition of the country.
America Counts Story
More Than Half of U.S. Counties Were Smaller in 2020 Than in 2010
The U.S. Census Bureau today released the first 2020 Census population counts for counties, metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas, and cities.
America Counts Story
U.S. Housing Vacancy Rate Declined in Past Decade
The percentage of housing units vacant in 2020 dropped to 9.7% from 11.4% in 2010, according to 2020 Census data released this week.
America Counts Story
What Do We Know About the Quality of 2020 Census Redistricting Data?
To assess the quality of the redistricting data released today, we compared 2020 Census to key data benchmarks.
America Counts Story
Bracing for the 2021 Hurricane Season
A U.S. Census Bureau infographic shows the impact of last year’s three major hurricanes that hit the United States.
America Counts Story
2020 Census Redistricting Data To Paint Clearer Picture of America
The August release of more detailed 2020 Census data by state, county and city down to the block level will be used for redistricting.
America Counts Story
Public Spending on Protecting the Environment Up
The Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finances shows spending on protection of natural resources has steadily increased since 2014.
America Counts Story
U.S. Spending on Public Schools in 2019 Highest Since 2008
New Annual Survey of School System Finances data show the nation spent $752.3 billion on its 48 million children in public schools in 2019.
America Counts Story
Record High Turnout in 2020 General Election
Despite concerns that voter turnout would be lower during the pandemic, the 2020 election had the century’s highest turnout.
America Counts Story
What Methods Did People Use to Vote in the 2020 Election?
New data from the Current Population Survey’s voting supplement examine voting methods in 2020 and changes from 2016 at the national and state levels.
America Counts Story
First 2020 Census Data Release Shows U.S. Population of 331,449,281
Some states will gain or lose seats in the U.S. House of Representatives based on 2020 Census population counts.
America Counts Story
First 2020 Census Population Counts Will Be Released Today
The 2020 Census apportionment population counts will be used to determine each state’s congressional representation for the next decade.
America Counts Story
Many Small Businesses Not Requiring Workers To Get Tested, Vaccinated
First results from Phase 4 of the Census Bureau’s Small Business Pulse Survey show the majority of respondents do not require workers get tested or vaccinated.
America Counts Story
Presidential Birth States and Places With Names of Presidents
To commemorate upcoming Presidents' Day, we look across America to map presidential beginnings and the many places that honor them.
America Counts Story
The Challenge of Mapping Disaster Areas During a National Emergency
All 50 states were declared federal disaster areas due to COVID-19, leading to a redesign of the Census Bureau’s OnTheMap for Emergency Management data tool.
America Counts Story
How Much Sales Tax Do States Collect Every Month?
An interactive map shows 2019 to 2020 monthly state sales tax collections from general sales, lodging, motor fuel, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.
Page Last Revised - November 18, 2021
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