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America Counts: Stories About Age and Sex

America Counts Story
3- and 4-Year-Old School Enrollment Rebounds From Pandemic Low
There were some racial and ethnic differences in enrollment of 3- and 4-year-olds from 2018 to 2022.
America Counts Story
World Population Estimated at 8 Billion
It took 13 years for the world population to go from 7 billion to 8 billion but it will take an estimated 14 years to add another billion amid slowing growth.
America Counts Story
Interracial Couples More Common Among Same-Sex Couples
Male same-sex couples had higher median household incomes than female same-sex couples even though the shares with both partners working did not differ.
America Counts Story
More Unmarried Women Than Unmarried Men in the U.S.
A new data visualization shows the ratio of unmarried men to unmarried women by state, age, race and ethnicity.
America Counts Story
Work and Lifestyle of Young Adults Changed During the Pandemic
New data visualization shows differences in young adults’ work and lifestyle patterns such as working from home from 2019 to 2021.
America Counts Story
Same-Sex Married Couples Less Likely to Be Same Age, Race, Ethnicity
Survey data reveal patterns of social and economic similarity between same- and opposite-sex spouses.
America Counts Story
Younger Householders Drove Rebound in U.S. Homeownership
Housing Vacancy Survey found homeownership rates, especially among those age 44 and younger, improved in all regions.
America Counts Story
About 43 Million People in the U.S. Had Multiple Health Plans in 2021
More than half of multiple coverage holders had Medicare and a private coverage plan.
America Counts Story
U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Headed to 2023 World Cup
The 9th Women’s World Cup — the first to be hosted by two countries (Australia and New Zealand) — has the United States defending its 2019 and 2015 wins.
America Counts Story
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Disability by Health Condition
Higher rates of disability among non-Hispanic Black population age 40 and up due to arthritis, diabetes and hypertension than among non-Hispanic White adults.
America Counts Story
Almost a Quarter of U.S. Population Vulnerable to Rising Heat
Climate-focused data product finds that social factors contribute to low resilience to extreme heat exposure for almost 1 in 4 individuals in the United States.
America Counts Story
Disability Rates Higher in Rural Areas Than Urban Areas
The largest urban/rural differences in disability rates were in the South in 2021.
America Counts Story
Detailed Characteristics of Hundreds of Race/Ethnic and Tribal Groups
Detailed social, economic, housing and demographic characteristics on race, Hispanic origin, ancestry and tribal groups now available for numerous geographies.
America Counts Story
Several Generations Under One Roof
Multigenerational households and those with children living with grandparents increased from 2010 to 2020.
America Counts Story
Home Alone: More Than A Quarter of All Households Have One Person
In 2020, 27.6% of occupied U.S. households had one person living alone, about 20 percentage points higher than in 1940.
America Counts Story
Nearly a Third Reporting Two or More Races Were Under 18 in 2020
The 2020 Census shows the Multiracial population increased in all age categories but was largest among the young.
America Counts Story
2020 Census: 1 in 6 People in the United States Were 65 and Over
The U.S. population age 65 and over grew from 2010 to 2020 at fastest rate since 1880 to 1890 and reached 55.8 million, a 38.6% increase in just 10 years.
America Counts Story
An Aging U.S. Population With Fewer Children in 2020
The age profiles of states and communities don’t always mirror the national picture.
America Counts Story
Family Households Still the Majority
One-person households increased but family households remained two-thirds of all households in 2020.
America Counts Story
Hispanic Population is Younger But Aging Faster
The Hispanic population was younger than the non-Hispanic population in 2020 and accounted for a quarter of all children under 18 in the United States.
America Counts Story
La población hispana es más joven, pero está envejeciendo más rápido
La población hispana era más joven que la población no hispana en el 2020 y representaba un cuarto de todos los niños menores de 18 años en los Estados Unidos.
America Counts Story
Share of U.S. Coupled Households Declined in 2020
Coupled households still made up more than half of all U.S. households but their share dropped since 2000.
America Counts Story
Women Made Up Majority of Home-Based Workers During Pandemic
The spike in home-based workers during the pandemic slightly increased the share of women working from home.
America Counts Story
Opportunities for Marriage, Partnership Shape Women’s Family Incomes
White women were more likely than Black women of the same economic background to have access to more income from spouses and partners.
America Counts Story
Basketball Madness Has College Towns Buzzing
Play the 2023 College Basketball Population Game and learn about the college towns with men’s and women’s teams in the NCAA tournament.
America Counts Story
Losing Our Parents
A new data visualization shows patterns in parent mortality by age, sex, race and ethnicity for 2019 and 2021.
America Counts Story
Women and Men Both Experienced Changes in Occupations During COVID-19
Women’s job losses were concentrated in service occupations 2019-2021. Job gains were mostly in management, business, science and arts occupations.
America Counts Story
LGBT Adults Report Anxiety, Depression at All Ages
The Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey provides insight into the mental health and well-being of the LGBT population.
America Counts Story
U.S. Poverty Rates Differ by Age and County
The South had the highest share of counties with child poverty rates of 40% or more, according to the 2017-2021 American Community Survey 5-year estimates.
America Counts Story
What Languages Do We Speak in the United States?
The number of people who spoke a language other than English at home nearly tripled from 1980 to 2019, but the number who spoke only English also increased.
America Counts Story
¿Qué idiomas hablamos en los Estados Unidos?
La población que hablaba en el hogar un idioma que no era inglés casi se triplicó de 1980 a 2019, pero también había más personas que solo hablaban inglés.
America Counts Story
Homeownership by Young Households Below Pre-Great Recession Levels
Homeownership among households headed by adults ages 25-34 was highest at the start of the Great Recession and had not returned to those high levels in 2019.
America Counts Story
Who Are the STEM Workers Under Age 25?
Employment in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations is projected to grow at twice the rate of total employment through 2031.
America Counts Story
How Resilient Are Communities Along the U.S.-Mexico Border?
The Community Resilience Estimates show that more people living in the 44 counties along the U.S.-Mexico border are less resilient than the nation as a whole.
America Counts Story
Do Disabilities Impact Older People’s Moves to Other Locations?
About 8.3% of people ages 65 and older with a disability and 5.1% without a disability moved during the prior year from 2015-2019.
America Counts Story
More Women in Manufacturing Jobs in Every Age Group
In the runup to Manufacturing Day on Oct. 7, we look at the growing role of women in manufacturing.
Page Last Revised - March 2, 2022
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