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America Counts Story
Examining Equity in COVID-19 Stimulus Payments
New research by the Census Bureau, Treasury, and IRS examines variation in receipt of payments across race and ethnic groups.

America Counts Story
Remote Work During the Pandemic Shifted Daytime Population of Cities
U.S. Census Bureau tools show how the daytime population of urban job centers declined during the pandemic as more employees worked from home.

America Counts Story
Where in the United States Are the High-Tech Jobs?
Census Bureau’s new Business Dynamics Statistics of U.S. High Tech Industries shows where high-tech jobs are and where new high-tech companies are locating.

America Counts Story
More Women in Manufacturing Jobs in Every Age Group
In the runup to Manufacturing Day on Oct. 7, we look at the growing role of women in manufacturing.

America Counts Story
Trabajadores jóvenes y mayores impulsaron empleos después de María
Primeros Indicadores trimestrales de la fuerza laboral de Puerto Rico publicados hoy proporcionan un perfil demográfico del empleo después del huracán María.

America Counts Story
Youngest and Oldest Workers Drove Job Recovery After Hurricane Maria
The first Quarterly Workforce Indicators for Puerto Rico released today provide a demographic profile of employment after Hurricane Maria.

America Counts Story
Do Young Workers Still Have Summer Jobs?
As the school year ends, the prospect of summer jobs for youths rises but there’s been a declining overall trend in young people working during summer months.

America Counts Story
Knowing Your Job and Earnings Prospects by College and Degree
The U.S. Census Bureau Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes tool has expanded to provide earnings prospects for graduates of 660 schools by field of study.

America Counts Story
U.S. Startups Create Jobs at Higher Rates, Older Large Firms Employ Most Workers
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics show how the age and size of firms contributed to job creation and employment shares from 1976 to 2019.

America Counts Story
Gender Pay Gap Widens as Women Age
A U.S. Census Bureau tool, Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) Explorer, illustrates increases in the gender pay gap as women age.

America Counts Story
Bracing for the 2021 Hurricane Season
A U.S. Census Bureau infographic shows the impact of last year’s three major hurricanes that hit the United States.

America Counts Story
Initial COVID-19 Impact on Travel Industry Varied Widely Across States
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Quarterly Workforce Indicators show the impact of the pandemic on state tourism and related industries.

America Counts Story
Consumers Turn To Biking for Safe Fun and Exercise During Pandemic
Stay-at-home orders and shuttered fitness clubs amid COVID pandemic up demand for bicycles, leading to bike shortages and higher prices.

America Counts Story
Air Pollution Diminishes Future Generations’ Economic Opportunities
Pollution is harmful not just to those directly exposed but even to their children and grandchildren.

America Counts Story
A New Way to Measure How Many Americans Work More Than One Job
The number of workers holding two or more jobs has increased from 1996 to 2018. The Census Bureau’s Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics tracks the growth.

America Counts Story
Demographic SNAPshot: Not All Eligible for Food Assistance Gets Aid
A new data visualization shows the demographic characteristics of people eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and those who receive it.

America Counts Story
When Army Heroes Return to the Civilian Labor Market
Veterans Employment Outcomes, a new Census Bureau experimental product, shows how U.S. Army veterans fare in the job market after discharge.

America Counts Story
Census Survey Shows Shift in Expectations from Spring to Winter
The Small Business Pulse Survey shows a majority of businesses face long-term challenges while others experienced little or no effect from the pandemic.

America Counts Story
The Challenge of Mapping Disaster Areas During a National Emergency
All 50 states were declared federal disaster areas due to COVID-19, leading to a redesign of the Census Bureau’s OnTheMap for Emergency Management data tool.

America Counts Story
Manufacturing Faces a Labor Shortage as Workforce Ages
Nearly one-fourth of the manufacturing workforce is age 55 or older and retaining and attracting workers is a challenge.

America Counts Story
How Do Recent Veterans Fare in the Labor Market?
Soldiers exiting the Army during the Great Recession struggled to find stable civilian employment, according to new Veterans Employment Outcomes data.

America Counts Story
Understanding the Impact of Weather on Business
The U.S. Census Bureau has launched a website for the National Weather Service’s 122 Weather Forecasting Offices that provides data on businesses in each area.

America Counts Story
Spatial Mismatch: When Workers Can’t Get to Jobs in the Suburbs
A recent U.S. Census Bureau webinar explored the challenge of job sprawl in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, using Local Employment Household Dynamics data sets.

America Counts Story
Census Innovative LEHD Program on Local Workforce Dynamics Turns 20
The LEHD program began as a small startup. It grew into regularly published national statistics on worker and job flows at no cost to state partners.

America Counts Story
New Census Bureau Tool Illustrates Job-to-Job Flows
Local data on hiring shows how construction firms are growing their workforce.

America Counts Story
What Drives Productivity Growth?
The Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics teamed up to create Dispersion Statistics on Productivity, to measure productivity and economic performance.

America Counts Story
Where Do College Graduates Go For Jobs?
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes project shows job flows for college graduates by institution, degree, major and geography.

America Counts Story
The Impact of the Tech Boom on Housing
Zillow economists combine Census Bureau housing data and their statistics to measure the impact of the tech boom on rental prices and home values.

America Counts Story
Jumping Into Action When Disaster Strikes
The Census Bureau’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Team coordinates and disseminates demographic and economic data to emergency managers and the public.

America Counts Story
New Opportunity Atlas Estimates Social Mobility by Census Tract
The new Opportunity Atlas shows which neighborhoods offer children the best chances of climbing the income ladder later in life.

America Counts Story
How Much Is Your College Degree Worth?
The Census Bureau is collaborating with colleges and universities to provide national-level statistics on labor market outcomes for post-secondary graduates. 

America Counts Story
What May Be Driving Growth in the “Gig Economy?”
The number of self-employed taxi drivers tripled between 2013 and 2015.

America Counts Story
What Is Ahead for the Nation’s Aging Workforce?
The percentage of employed older people increased during the past two decades and these workers are earning more on average than older workers in the past.

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