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Fast Facts

POP Culture: 1900

ICONS: "Wright Brothers, Pablo Picasso, Ford Model T
Wright Brothers Pablo Picasso Ford Model T

  • Kodak® introduces the "Brownie" camera in February 1900.
  • On September 6, 1901, Leon Czolgosz shot President William McKinley. He died at 2:15 a.m. on September 14 and Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as president later that day.
  • Composer and musician Scott Joplin publishes The Entertainer in 1902.
  • The January 22, 1903, Hay-Herran Treaty grants the United States a renewable lease in perpetuity from Colombia on the land proposed for the Panama Canal.
  • On February 14, 1903, the U.S. Census Bureau becomes part of the new U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor.
  • The first silent film, The Great Train Robbery, debuts in 1903.
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright are first to fly a controlled, powered, and sustained heavier-than-air airplane at Kitty Hawk, NC, on December 17, 1903.
  • Prominent civil and women's rights leader Susan B. Anthony dies on March 13, 1906.
  • The first underground portion of the New York City subway opens on October 27, 1904.
  • At 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906, the "Great San Francisco Earthquake" strikes.
  • Artist Pablo Picasso introduces Cubism in 1907.
  • An explosion in West Virginia's Monongah Mine on December 6, 1907, becomes the nation's worst industrial disaster. The "official" number of deaths was 362 adult and child miners, but later estimates exceed 500.
  • Henry Ford begins production of the Model T in 1908.
  • The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is founded on February 12, 1909.
  • The U.S. Mint introduces the "Lincoln Head" penny in 1909.

The 1900 Census


10 Largest Urban Places

U.S. Resident Population: 76,212,168 Rank Place Population
Population per square mile of land area: 21.5 1 New York City, NY 3,437,202
Percent increase of population from 1890 to 1900: 21.0 2 Chicago, IL 1,698,575
Official Enumeration Date: June 1 3 Philadelphia, PA 1,293,697
Number of States: 45 4 St. Louis, MO 575,238
Cost: $11,854,000 5 Boston, MA 560,892
Cost per Capita (cents): 15.5 6 Baltimore, MD 508,957
Total Pages in Published Reports: 10,925 7 Cleveland, OH 381,768
Number of Enumerators: 52,871 8 Buffalo, NY 352,387
Census Bureau Director: William Rush Merriam 9 San Francisco, CA 342,782
Number of Questions Asked: 28 10 Cincinnati, OH 325,902

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