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Fast Facts

POP Culture: 1960

ICONS: John F. Kennedy, Vietnam War, Apollo 11
John F. Kennedy Vietnam War Apollo 11

  • On July 15, 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy accepts the Democratic nomination for president at Memorial Colliseum, Los Angeles, CA>.
  • After 13 years, NBC cancels Howdy Doody. The last episode airs September 24, 1960.
  • Harper Lee's 1961 book To Kill A Mockingbird is a bestseller.
  • On October 1, 1962, James H. Meredith becomes the first black student to attend the University of Mississippi.
  • Betty Friedan's 1963 book The Feminine Mystique critiques the myth that a woman's identity is linked to childrearing and the accomplishments of their husbands.
  • The Beatles make their U.S. debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, on February 9, 1964.
  • The 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade arrive in Vietnam on March 8, 1965.
  • Apollo astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee die during a simulated launch exercise on January 27, 1967.
  • Western movie hero John Wayne wins the 1969 Best Actor Oscar for his role in the movie True Grit beating now legendary actors Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, Dustin Hoffman, and Jon Voight.
  • The August 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair draws more than 450,000 people to Bethel, NY.

The 1960 Census


10 Largest Urban Places

U.S. Resident Population: 179,323,175 Rank Place Population
Population per square mile of land area: 50.6 1 New York City, NY 7,781,984
Percent increase of population from 1950 to 1960: 18.5 2 Chicago, IL 3,550,404
Official Enumeration Date: April 1 3 Los Angeles, CA 2,479,015
Number of States: 50 4 Philadelphia, PA 2,002,512
Cost: $127,934,000 5 Detriot, MI 1,670,144
Cost per Capita (cents): 71.4 6 Baltimore, MD 939,024
Total Pages in Published Reports: 103,000 7 Houston, TX 938,219
Number of Enumerators: 159,321 8 Cleveland, OH 876,050
Census Bureau Director: Robert Wilbur Burgess 9 Washington, DC 763,956
Number of Questions on the Short Form: 5 10 St. Louis, MO 750,026
Number of Questions on the Long Form: 34

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Census History Staff | Last Revised: December 14, 2023